WooCommerce Office Hours Episode 23

In today’s show, I answer questions about exporting orders to a custom CSV format, offering half-price shipping, and filtering out zero total orders from the WooCommerce Orders page.

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WordPress 4.4 is Coming Soon!

The release of WordPress version 4.4 is imminent, so I chose to use 4.4 and the 2016 base theme in today’s office hours. I have been spending time testing all my plugins with the new version to make sure they all work.

Customize Order Export CSVFor Fulfillment House

Tim asked: “Is there a way to export orders to a CSV file and customize the file to a format required by my fulfillment house?” This question was similar to the dropshipper question¬†in Episode 22. I showed how to use the WC Customer Order CSV Export¬†plugin to export orders to CSV file.

SkyVerge has provided some developer documentation  that outlines the process of modifying the CSV output. I walk through the process of adding a filter to modify the header record, and adding a filter to modify the item data.

Here is direct link to the answer in the video.

Offer Half Price Shipping via Coupon Code

Mark Asks: “How can I create Half Price Shipping via coupon code?”  There isn’t a way in default WooCommerce to cut the shipping costs in half using a coupon code. I explained how his question depends on whether he’s offering shipping costs from a calculator such as USPS or FedEx rates, or flat rate shipping.

For the example I said that my store offers Flat Rate shipping of $50 per order. I then created a coupon with code “halfoff” that I would give customers to get half price shipping.

I then activated the WooCommerce Advanced Shipping plugin. This plugin handles conditional logic very well. With an advanced shipping method, I am able to set a condition “If coupon ‘halfoff’ is applied to the cart then offer a method named Discount Shipping with a cost of $25.”

Here is a direct link to the answer in the video.

Hide Free Orders From Orders Page

Sean McCabe asks: “Is there a way to hide $0 or free orders from the Orders page?”  Sean sells a course (Learn Lettering) that teaches people all about the hand lettering business. The course has 3 levels: a free Starter level, an Intermediate level, and a Master Class.

Sean wants to remove the free orders from the Edit Orders page. There isn’t a way with default WooCommerce to do this, so it required custom code. I put together a small plugin that will hide zero orders in WooCommerce.

I demonstrate how the plugin hooks into the  ‘restrict_manage_posts’ and ‘request’ filters to add a drop down to the Orders page:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.18.02 PM

And then will add a meta_query to the request on this page if the CPT is ‘shop_order’ and the ‘non-zero’ parameter is set.

Here is a direct link to the answer in the video.