Interview with SellwithWP


Sell With WP InterviewRecently I had a talk with Jai from We talked about my background with WooCommerce, working on client projects here at Grow Development, and selling commercial WooCommerce plugins at

Check out the interview here.

Restful WooCommerce Video Available


In April I gave a workshop at WooConf titled RESTful WooCommerce.

Video Available Online

The first part of the workshop was recorded and is available to watch over on the WooConf site. You can view the video here.

WooCommerce REST API Workshop

The workshop introduced attendees to the WooCommerce REST API. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • What is a REST API?
  • Overview of terms to know
  • Adding authentication credentials for users
  • Different ways the REST API can be used
  • How to interact with the API
  • Some real world examples

Then we had three exercises where the workshop attendees were able to connect to a site, pull order data, and update products on the site all through the API.

Remove Default WooCommerce Payment Gateways

By default, WooCommerce 2.2.8 ships with five payment gateways:

  • BACS (Bank Transfer/Wire)
  • Pay by Check (or Cheque)
  • Cash on Delivery
  • PayPal
  • Simplify Commerce

If you want to have only one payment gateway available on the Checkout page, the unused payment gateways can be disabled in the admin settings.

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Retiring Store Locations Pro

After a few years of selling the Store Locations Pro Magento extension, I’ve decided to retire it as of 6/1/2014.  I will be focusing on different ecommerce platforms instead of Magento. It was a good run but with the latest Magento version, 1.9,  being released and the new 2.0 version on the horizon I don’t want to keep up with the codebase.

If you are a license holder and need access to a zip, contact me.

Xero for WooCommerce

UPDATE: This plugin is now owned/maintained by our friends at WooThemes

If you have a Xero account, you know how it organizes your businesses accounting simply and elegantly.  Now with Xero for WooCommerce, you can seamlessly integrate the sales data from your ecommerce site into your Xero account.

After you purchase and install the Xero for WooCommerce extension, the sales in your store will be automatically exported to Xero as invoices as they happen.  Corresponding payments will also be created for the invoices.

The administrator can set up accounts for each of the sales items to be posted to using the Xero account number.

Line items from your orders are moved over to Xero with quantity and unit price.  Shipping charges and discounts are added as line items.


All of this saves you time from doing data entry and allows you to access sales data for your ecommerce site, along with the rest of your accounts.

You can purchase Xero for WooCommerce here, and access the documentation for the product here.