WooCommerce Office Hours Episode 24

In today’s show, I answer questions about removing checkout blocks, and I review a new plugin in the repository.

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How do you remove blocks from the Cart page?

I answered this question from a person on the Advanced WC group. He asked how to remove the Subtotal and Tax fields from displaying on the Cart page.

There are three ways to remove or move blocks inside the WooCommerce templates.

  1. Use CSS to “display: none” on the element
  2. Remove the hook that adds the template to the page
  3. Override the WooCommerce template and change the PHP

In the video, I cover these three options and how to use them.

New Plugin WooSwipe

In the video, I install and review a new plugin in the repository named WooSwipe. The plugin adds a carousel to WooCommerce’s product page image gallery and also adds a thumb swipe action to rotate images, while viewing the site on a mobile phone.

Daniel Espinoza

Daniel has been building ecommerce plugins and sites since 2007. He built the first commercial plugin for WooCommerce in 2011 and has built dozens of plugins and sites since.

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