A Unix CRON Equivalent in WooCommerce

This question about a WooCommerce cron equivalent is from the WooCommerce Community Slack channel:

I want to loop through all users and their subscriptions, check some custom meta data I added to each subscription on creation and update some of the meta data if needed.

What would be the equivalent of a linux cron job in WooCommerce? Is there something in WooCommerce that triggers daily?

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WooComerce: Bulk Update Next Payment Date

WooCommerce Subscriptions: How to Bulk Update Next Payment Date

If you run a WooCommerce Subscriptions site for long enough you will experience a situation where you need to change the Next Payment date for subscriptions. Knowing how to bulk update the next payment date in WooCommerce Subscriptions is a vital tool for developers and shop managers.

In this article I’ll explain how to change the Next Payment date on one or thousands of subscriptions at one time in a few steps:

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