Protect WooCommerce site from fraudulent orders.

The Problem

A customer’s WooCommerce site was receiving dozens of fraudulent orders. Most orders failed, but some were successful.

The volume of these failed orders were noticed by the store’s payment gateway who threatened to shut down the account if the activity continued.

The solution

We reviewed the fraudulent orders in order to create a profile of the attacker.

We were able to block the fraudulent orders with a combination of custom WooCommerce code and adding a 3rd party bot filter to protect the site while allowing valid customers to make purchases.

Scope of work.

  • Retainer client.
  • Deep knowledge of WooCommerce checkout process.
  • Website monitoring.
  • Site infrastructure consulting.
  • Fraud mitigation strategies.
Performance monitoring with New Relic

Bot management with Cloudflare

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– Brian Richards, Founder of WPSessions