Bulk update active WooCommerce Subscriptions

The Problem

After hearing about cost increases from shipping carriers, a client needed shipping costs to be updated for all active WooCommerce subscriptions. The carrier cost increase would have been a very large loss for the company.  

Changing shipping cost for thousands of subscriptions could not be done manually or some might be missed or updated incorrectly.

The solution

We built a custom script to recalculate shipping for all active subscribers. The script was created to be used through WP CLI and be resilient enough to handle the web host killing long running processes.

Each subscription had to be calculated separately to handle differences in shipping carrier, product tier, and tax settings. 

The script was tested and verified in a staging environment before adjusting the live web store.

Scope of work.

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions expertise.
  • Shipping carrier knowledge.
  • WordPress CLI scripting.
  • Experience with Managed WordPress hosts. 
  • Fierce attention to detail.
Adding shipping cost to subscriptions.
Shipping updated on subscriptions.

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– Brian Richards, Founder of WPSessions