Refresh a WooCommerce store’s theme.

The Problem

One of our retainer clients was ready for a fresh new design for her ecommerce site. She partnered with a talented designer who provided the new look and feel for the site. 

The design then needed to be implemented.

The solution

We worked closely with the designer while converting the supplied Figma design file into a WooCommerce-focused WordPress theme.

We created a pixel-perfect theme that functioned as expected.

Scope of work.

  • WordPress template coding.
  • WooCommerce development.
  • Storefront theme experience.
  • Mobile-first web development.
  • Block Editor development.
  • Ecommerce checkout optimization.

There are a lot of agencies that say they know WooCommerce but Grow Development is one that actually delivers on that deep experience. And not just with WooCommerce in general, but on subscriptions, performance, and other well-considered business needs. After working with them you’ll wonder why you wasted any amount of time looking anywhere else!

– Brian Richards, Founder of WPSessions