Fulfillment Center Integration

Custom WooCommerce Fulfillment Center Integration

Shooaway wanted to have all orders automatically sent to their fulfillment center when the order was placed. We created a custom plugin to handle sending orders and receiving shipment confirmations.

WooCommerce Admin Customization 

A settings page was added to the WooCommerce settings area, where the store administrator can enable connections to the fulfillment center API and set the frequency for connections.

We added a column to the WooCommerce Orders List to show the status of orders:

  • Not sent
  • Sent
  • Tracking received
  • Error

The custom column lets store administrators quickly review orders that need attention.

Order Shipment Information

The custom plugin polled the fulfillment center API for shipping information. When a tracking number is available, the information is added to the WooCommerce order and a custom email is sent to the customer with confirmation that the order is on the way.

Order Fulfillment Automation

Our custom plugin made the order fulfillment process automatic for the store owners. No manual intervention is required after an order is placed to make it ready to be sent to customers.

Project Details

  • Category: WooCommerce Development, Shipping Integration, Fulfillment Center Integration
  • Client: Shooaway

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