WooCommerce Fashion ERP Integration

WooCommerce Fashion ERP Integration

ZANEROBE already had a working relationship with their ERP solution provider, but needed a new integration to help their WooCommerce site communicate with the ERP site. Grow Development created a new updated integration that handled inventory, product stock, and inventory updates.

WooCommerce Admin Customization 

A new top-level administration page was created for store managers to be able to enter ERP credentials and initiate the update process for orders and product stock.

Order Creation

The ERP’s API was used to send data for new orders placed on the WooCommerce site to the ERP system. A process was introduced to automatically send orders as they were placed, or send in batches of 100 orders at a time. Managers could choose how orders would be sent to better facilitate processing and fulfillment of orders.

Order Status Automation

A daily scheduled process was set up to handle retrieving order statuses from the ERP’s API and updating the WooCommerce order status.

Project Details

  • Client: ZANEROBE

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