WooCommerce Checkout Integration

This project was a collaboration with Slocum Studio.

Custom Checkout Integration

The project included integrating the WooCommerce checkout with an external system. When a customer purchases a membership product, WooCommerce is used to complete the order. Once payment is complete, the order details including customer data is converted to a proprietary XML format and the file is transmitted to the external system.

Additional Checkout Fields

The membership product required more data than the default WooCommerce Checkout collects by default. The checkout process needed to collect data on spouse, family member, and dependents.

To facilitate this, we added custom fields to the WooCommerce checkout that would appear based on the product in the customer’s cart. When the order is placed, the extra fields are saved to the order record and used in the XML file transmission to the external system.

Payment Gateway Installation

We also managed the installation of a plugin to integrate WooCommerce with the customer’s payment gateway.

Project Details

  • Client: Slocum Studio

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